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CCC Fixture Bureau 2018

Posted by Stan Nicholson on 13/05/2014 09:48

CCC Fixture Bureau 2018

Hours of operation
April to September    10.00am to 5:00pm Tuesday to Friday
Telephone:     020 8973 1830
Text:      07425 108489
(Text and Email are incoming only; no reply)

The Bureau provides a fixture making service for all affiliated members throughout the season. In 2018 the Fixture Bureau will open on Tuesday 17th April and take fixtures untill Sunday 23rd September.

Method of Operation
To register for a fixture; during the week of the fixture the club’s Fixture Secretary, or nominated deputy, should telephone, text, or email the following information to the bureau:

1. The name of the club.
2. The name, telephone number(s) of the contact handling the fixture and, where issued, the club’s security code number.
3. The day and date required.
4. Home or away.
5. Which XI and its strength (see notes immediately below).

Team Strengths
Bureau staff can only arrange fixtures which reflect the information supplied by clubs and schools.  If a Fixture Secretary says his XI is ‘Strong Medium’ we have to accept his word and register accordingly.  If, during the season, it becomes obvious that club officials are regularly misrepresenting a team’s strength, Bureau staff will try and exercise some judgement, having first drawn the club’s attention to the problem.

All the data is entered into the Fixture Bureau computer system, following which the Bureau staff will impart details of other clubs with similar or matching profiles. Once the call is completed, the data will be imparted to subsequent callers until such time as the Bureau receives confirmation of a fixture made. To help us arrange the best possible matches, please define strengths as follows:

‘Strong’ – First XI’s in higher league cricket fielding their top sides. This strength could also apply to clubs with only one XI who also play league cricket at a high level and are a genuine match for bigger clubs first XI’s. Similarly, a Sunday side containing a large number of Saturday first team players should be classified as ‘Strong’. The definition would not apply to a big club’s 4th XI.

‘Strong Medium’ – This definition applies to a first XI which may be fielding a slightly weaker side from normal, or to a club’s 2nd XI whose playing strength is only marginally below their first team’s. Again, clubs operating only one side can be described as ‘Strong Medium’ provided they are a genuine match for bigger clubs’ first or second XI’s as described earlier. Equally, a Sunday side with some first XI representation can be ‘Strong Medium’.

‘Medium’ – The catch all category. In this section clubs would have to field sides containing specialist players in all categories – bowlers, batsmen and a wicket-keeper.  It is unlikely that a medium side would contain more than one colt or one vet. Clubs 2nd and bigger clubs 3rd XI’s would usually be covered in this category.

‘Weak Medium’ – This would apply to clubs either fielding severely depleted 2nd teams or clubs putting out 3rds and 4ths containing vets and colts. It would also apply to clubs fielding only one side whose players are either not regulars, or whose fixtures are occasional rather than regular.

‘Weak’ – Probably a one-off side with very occasional players or sides with four or more vets/colts, or a club’s 3rd or 4th XI with a ‘give everyone a game policy’.

Notes: - Please read carefully.

Confirmations – prompt confirmation by both clubs of a fixture is ESSENTIAL – until this happens Bureau staff will continue to give out details to new enquirers.  Club officials who consistently fail to confirm fixtures may find that their club is suspended from Bureau service.

Contacts – for common sense reasons it is essential that only one official from the club handles a particular fixture. If there has to be a change of personnel, simply email the Bureau on to advise us. The record can then be amended for that week only.

Cancellations – there are sometimes occasions when a club has to cancel a fixture, or withdraw a side that has been registered. As with confirmations, it is very important that this be done as quickly as possible. Further, if after registering with the Bureau a fixture is made privately, clubs must inform us immediately so that their name can be withdrawn.

Text / Email – as telephone lines become very busy during the season, clubs are encouraged to use text or email to register fixture requests in the week in question. A subsequent follow up telephone call to check receipt and registration can then be dealt with more quickly. The Bureau is not able to respond by text or email to acknowledge receipt or to impart details of matching clubs.

Charges – charges are levied for fixtures confirmed. If having confirmed a fixture a club is forced to cancel the game or withdraw for any reason, it will be charged twice and the other club’s charge will be cancelled. Cancellation of a fixture due to weather or any other reason is not a valid reason for non-payment.

Complaints – please send any complaints in writing to the CCC Office Manager.

Charges and Accounts

All Member Clubs who affiliate to the Club Cricket Conference are, in addition to their Annual Subscription fees and Yearbook charges, required to lodge a deposit of £50. This deposit is refundable on resignation by the Member Club in writing, provided notice is given by 31st December.

Mid-season accounts are produced for all clubs who use the Fixture Bureau. These accounts must be settled by July 31st, otherwise Bureau services may be withheld.

For each fixture arranged by the Bureau, a fee of £13.00 plus VAT is levied – a total of £15.60. If a club fails to confirm to the Bureau a fixture made through the Bureau before the day on which it is to be played, it shall be liable to forfeit 10% of its refundable deposit.

Any club found to have deliberately avoided, or to have attempted to avoid Fixture Bureau charges that are properly due, shall be dealt with under Conference Rule 21 and shall be liable to forfeit the full amount of its deposit.

At the end of each season a statement of account is sent to each club for payment.  This includes details of dates on which fixtures have been arranged.

Clubs who have not paid for their season’s subscription and any outstanding Bureau charges are automatically ineligible for the Fixture Bureau service.