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Rules of the Club Cricket Conference

Posted by Stan Nicholson on 13/10/2015 10:23

Rules of the Club Cricket Conference
1. The title shall be “The Club Cricket Conference” (hereinafter referred to as “The Conference”).
2. The objects of The Conference shall be:-
(a) To maintain a cricket association to assist affiliated members in matters of general policy.
(b) To foster and promote recreational club and league cricket.
(c) To establish and maintain Fixture Bureaux.
(d) To maintain a register of approved umpires.
(e) To collaborate with kindred associations and local authorities in:-
(i) the preservation of cricket and sports grounds and the provision of additional grounds.
(ii) the reduction of valuation assessments on sports grounds.
(iii) any other relevant matters.
(f) To organise and support Conference Representative Cricket including Tours outside the U.K.
(g) To take any other action which may be considered beneficial to affiliated members and to the game of cricket.
(h) To co-operate with the League Cricket Conference, Midlands Cricket Conference, England and Wales Cricket Board,
County Boards and Associations and all other relevant bodies for the greater good of cricket.
(i) To organise cricket competitions between member leagues, clubs, schools and colleges.
(j) To do all such lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them including
to purchase, sell, hold, take on lease or in exchange or otherwise acquire and hold for investment purposes or otherwise any
lands or buildings wherever situated or rights or interest therein or connected therewith and to deal with, manage or let the
same or any part thereof for any period or at such rent and on such conditions as The Council shall think fit and to borrow or
raise and give security for money by Mortgage or Charge or by other obligations or securities upon all or any part of the
property of The Conference.
3. The following shall be eligible for membership:-
(a) Properly constituted clubs.
Note: A club properly constituted to qualify for membership shall:
(i) Bear a title approved by The Council. (The Council shall not approve a title which is the same as, or might be confused
with, that borne by a club already affiliated, and no affiliated club shall change its title without the approval of The Council).
(ii) Be composed of bona fide elected members of the club.
(iii) Be governed by a code of rules passed at an Annual General Meeting of the club, and
(iv) Be managed by officers and a committee elected at an Annual General Meeting of the club
(b) Schools as approved by the council.
(c) Colleges as approved by the council.
(d) Leagues, whose member clubs are located in the South and East of England.
(e) Associate Membership: Available to individuals, clubs and organizations throughout the UK.
4. (1) Each affiliated member shall purchase annually one copy of The Club Cricket Conference Yearbook at the price
determined by The Council payable in advance on 1st January. Further books, if required, may be purchased at a price
as determined from time to time by The Council.
(2) Affiliated members wishing to participate in any league or competition may do so provided:-
(a) the rules of such league or competition are in writing and have been submitted to The Council by 1st January of the year
in which such league or competition is to commence and have been approved by The Council.
(b) any alteration involving more than minor adjustment in the rules of a league or competition has been submitted to The
Council by 1st January of the year in which such alteration is to take effect and has been approved by The Council.
(c) no club shall join an existing league unless such club has given notice in writing by 30th September of the year preceding
that in which such club proposes to join a league to any club whose normal fixture with such club may be affected.
(d) where a member is participating in a knock-out competition but wishes to arrange its normal fixture lists, it should advise
its prospective opposition when making the fixtures that it may be committed to a knock-out competition match on the date
(3) Associate members shall not have voting rights.
(1) “Normal fixture” is one in which the respective members have played or arranged to play each other at least once in each
of the three years immediately preceding the date of the giving of the notice.
5. The Conference shall be governed by an Executive Council (hereinafter called “The Council”), consisting of:-
(a) The President
(b) The President Designate
(c) The Life Vice-Presidents
(d) Active Vice-Presidents
(e) The Chairman
(f) The Deputy Chairman
(g) The Hon. Treasurer
(h) The Chief Executive
(i) Regional Representatives totalling no more than 20, and with no more than 5 from any one county.
6. (a) The President and President Designate of The Conference shall be nominated by The Council from the members of
The Council or the Honorary Vice-Presidents (described in (d) below); shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and
shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting. They shall not be eligible for re-election for a period of three years.
(b) Life Vice-Presidents with the right of attendance and a vote at all General and Council Meetings may be elected by The
(c) Active Vice-Presidents, not exceeding ten in number, may be nominated by The Council from its members for election at
the Annual General Meeting.
(d) Honorary Vice-Presidents, not exceeding fifty in number, duly proposed and seconded by affiliated clubs, or proposed by
The Council, may be elected at the Annual General Meeting. They may attend and vote at Annual and Extraordinary General
Meetings but they shall not have a seat on The Council.
(e) All officers (other than Life Vice-Presidents) and Members of The Council shall retire at the Annual General Meeting, but
with the exception of the President they shall be eligible for re-election.
(f) The Chairman and Deputy Chairman shall be nominated only from members of The Council.
(g) New officers (except those to be nominated only by The Council) must be proposed and seconded by affiliated members,
or proposed by The Council. Nominations from members must be in writing and must reach the office of The Conference not
later than the last day of January in each year.
(h) Any nominations of new Regional Representatives must be proposed and seconded not later than the last day of January
by affiliated members from the county concerned. In the event of the number of nominations exceeding the quota to which
the county is entitled, election shall be by a postal card vote taken from the affiliated members in that county. In the event of
a tie a casting vote shall be given by the Emergency Committee.
(i) All members of The Council shall be entitled to attend and vote at all Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General
Meetings and in the case of Annual General Meetings to vote as soon as they shall have been elected.
7. (a) The Council shall appoint a Management Board (hereinafter called “The Board”), comprising President, President
Designate, Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Chief Executive, Hon. Treasurer, Chairman of Cricket and up to six other members
of The Council. The Board shall be responsible for the day to day management of The Conference, subject to the direction of
The Council which is the governing body of The Conference.
(b) The Council shall approve an annual budget prepared by the Hon. Treasurer as recommended by The Board.
(c) The Council shall approve any annual honorarium paid by The Conference.
(d) The Council shall meet three times a year, in addition to the Annual General Meeting, at dates set by the Board/Executive
(e) Additional meetings of The Council shall be called at the request of not less than ten members of The Council or at the
discretion of The Board.
(f) Ten shall constitute a quorum at all Council meetings.
(g) The Council shall be the authority for the correct interpretation and enforcement of these rules, and shall have full
jurisdiction over all matters not provided for in these rules.
(h) The Council shall delegate to The Board powers to appoint from its members any Committee and/or ad hoc Committees
as The Board may deem desirable, to be chaired by a member of The Board; and also the power to deal with matters of
(i) Minutes of all Council and Committee Meetings duly approved by The Council shall be kept in a book provided for the
(j) In the event of an office becoming vacant, or of a vacancy occurring on The Council, The Board shall have the power to fill
such vacancy, but in the latter instance only from the appropriate county.
(k) The Council shall have power to promote such matches as it may deem fit.
(l) The Council may approve of teams playing under the title of “A Club Cricket Conference XI” provided the managers
thereof first obtain permission through the CCC office.
(m) Travelling expenses shall be paid, for Council Members and Staff, in accordance with the Club Cricket Conference
"Schedule of Expenses."
(n) No member of The Council shall be present at any meeting thereof during the determination of any matter with which
his/her organisation is directly concerned, except at the invitation of The Council.
(o) All bye-laws and regulations, made for the Fixture Bureau and for the Register of Approved Umpires, or for any other
purpose, shall be approved by The Council before being put into operation.
(p) The Council shall recommend a commencing date for each season several years ahead, for the convenience of
members, and a list of such commencing dates shall be published in the official Yearbook.
8. The Annual General Meeting of The Conference shall be held by the end of March in each year, on a date to be fixed by
The Council.
(a) Each affiliated member shall be entitled to send two delegates only one of whom shall be entitled to vote upon resolutions
(b) The printed Annual Report and Balance Sheet shall be presented at this meeting, and the officers and members of The
Council and the Reporting Accountants elected.
(c) The support of a simple majority of those voting shall be necessary to carry a resolution at an Annual General Meeting
and of two-thirds of those at an Extraordinary General Meeting.
(d) The voting on all resolutions shall be taken by a show of hands.
(e) Resolutions submitted to the Annual General Meeting must be proposed and seconded by affiliated members and
forwarded to the CCC Office not later than four weeks before the date of the meeting.
(f) An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at the discretion of The Council or shall be convened at the request
of not less than twenty-four affiliated members who shall send with their application the resolution to be submitted to the
meeting. Such Extraordinary General Meetings shall be held not later than two calendar months after the receipt of such
(g) Notice of every General Meeting and its agenda shall be sent to affiliated members fourteen days before the date of the
9. The Fixture Bureau shall be conducted from the offices of The Conference. Other Fixture Bureaux may be set up, as
determined by The Council. Regulations for the management of Fixture Bureaux shall be made by The Council.
10. (a) Each affiliated member shall pay on or before 1st January in each year a subscription and any other charges
determined by The Council and approved at the Annual General Meeting in the preceding year or at an Extraordinary
General Meeting convened for that purpose.
(b) A member whose subscription remains unpaid on the Friday preceding the opening of the Fixture Bureau in any year
shall not be entitled to any further services from the Fixture Bureau until outstanding monies are paid.
(c) Any member whose subscription remains unpaid by the date in (b) above in any year may be struck off the roll of
membership, but official warning to this effect shall be given as directed by The Council.
(d) Where a member has failed to pay any amounts due from it to The Conference within the period stipulated in (b) above,
or in the Fixture Bureau Regulations or on an invoice, it shall be liable to an additional charge of 2.5% per full calendar
month of the total amount unpaid. The Council reserves the right to take all or any appropriate action to recover any debt.
(e) A member removed from membership under section (c) shall not be re-admitted except by payment of all arrears, the
current subscription and a reinstatement fee, plus VAT, to be determined from time to time by the Council.
(f) All new members are to be given a credit limit of £50 in their first season.
11. An account or accounts shall be kept in the name of The Conference at a Bank or Banks to be approved by The Council,
into which account or accounts all monies received on behalf of The Conference shall be paid by the Hon. Treasurer or other
official responsible. The Council shall authorise four members of The Council to sign cheques for the payment of accounts
certified by the Hon. Treasurer and such cheques shall be signed by any two of the authorised signatories.
12. The accounts of The Conference shall be kept by the Hon. Treasurer, and such accounts shall be reviewed annually by
the Reporting Accountants. For the purpose of such review, accounts shall be closed on the thirty-first day of October in
each year. The accounts so reviewed shall be printed and circulated to all affiliated members, with the notice convening the
Annual General Meeting.
13. An official Yearbook to be called “The Club Cricket Conference Yearbook”, containing the rules, regulations and other
essential information of The Conference, and details of all affiliated members shall be compiled and published annually.
Each affiliated member shall return these details on a form provided for the purpose, to the CCC office, not later than 31st
December in each year.
14. The colours of The Conference shall be maroon, myrtle green and primrose. A cap of design approved by The Council
may be awarded by The Council to any player whose performance in a representative match or matches for The Conference
is deemed worthy by the Cricket Committee. No player shall be awarded more than one cap.
Note: Any player awarded a cap, any member of The Council and member of staff may purchase and wear a Conference
blazer. Any affiliated member may purchase and wear the tie or hat ribbon in the colours of The Conference. Players,
scorers and umpires officially selected for any team, whether Representative or President’s XI may purchase and wear the
sweater. Capped players may wear caps, sweaters and ties in a special form bearing the C.C.C. monogram.
15. The Board shall be empowered to investigate all complaints made against affiliated or individual members. The parties
concerned in the complaint shall have the right of attendance before that Committee and the findings shall be submitted to
The Council, whose decision shall be final and binding.
16. Decisions or reports of The Council may only be published in such manner as The Council shall direct, and every
affiliated members shall be deemed to have assented to such publication.
17. Any resignation from membership must be in writing and reach the CCC office not later than the thirty-first day of
December in any year, otherwise the subscription for the ensuing year must be paid.
18. No member which for any reason has ceased to be a member of The Conference, nor any person claiming membership
shall have any right, title, interest or claim in, to, or upon The Conference or any of its assets.
19. A newly appointed Hon. Secretary of an affiliated member shall forward his/her name and address to the CCC office, for
entry in the register of Hon.Secretaries.
20. The Laws of Cricket, as issued by the M.C.C. must be observed by all affiliated members.
21. The Council shall have the power to expel or suspend from membership any member that has contravened these rules
or, in the opinion of The Council, otherwise brought discredit upon The Conference, excepting that no member shall be
expelled or suspended without having had the opportunity of sending representatives to state a case before The Council.
22. During a National Emergency The Council, at a properly convened meeting, may suspend any of these rules for the
duration of such emergency, provided that the resolution to do so receives the support of three-fourths of those present and
23. The Rules of The Conference, being published annually in the Yearbook, shall be deemed to be known to the officers of
all affiliated members and through them to all their members, who shall be bound by them.
24. No alteration to these rules shall be made, except at the Annual General Meeting, or at an Extraordinary General
Meeting summoned for the purpose. In the former instance, notice in writing of any proposed alteration, which must be
proposed and seconded by affiliated members, or proposed by The Council, shall be given not later than 31st January to the
CCC office, who shall circulate details of the proposals on the Agenda when convening the meeting.