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CCC AGM 2013 Minutes

Posted by Stan Nicholson on 21/01/2014 14:27

A.G.M. Meeting – Tuesday 12th March 2013


Management Board: A Langley (Chairman), W Bigmore, S Wright, S Prodger, R Book, P Browne, C Puckett, J Poore, K Hopley, R Arnold, S York.
Active Vice-Presidents: P Hooper, R McLeod.
Regional Representatives: P George, G Jackson, A Johnson, D Perrin.
Clubs: Amersham Hill (R Headley), Cheam CC (J Thomas), North London CC, (S Poole), Uxbridge CC (G Stoneman & J Tall).
In Attendance: G Riaz (CCC Development Manager), S Nicholson (Minutes Secretary).
The meeting was held at The Queens Club, Palliser Road, London, W14 9EQ, and opened at 6:30pm with Alf Langley in the Chair.

1. Apologies for Absence
Management Board: S Whitehead.
Life Vice-Presidents: L Butcher, M Chapman, D Goldsmith, E Poulter.
Active Vice-Presidents: M Stear.
Regional Representatives: R Dakin, D Dunn, D Lipop, B Mulholland, A Scott, M Shufflebotham.
Hon. Vice-Presidents: D Franklin, J Goodman, Shelia Hill, A Izzard, G Pauncefort.
Associate Members: N Bainton, J Challis, P Robbins, I Smith.
Clubs: Aldershot (P Munroe), Chipperfield-Clarendon (P Elsworthy), Horsham CC (K Marshall), HSBC CC (K Dare), Hutton CC, Newbury CC (C Ansty), North Enfield CC (D Malleson), Pacific CC (P Holman), Stage CC (M Sudler), Woking & Horsell CC, Wycombe House CC (D Gilgallon).
Leagues: Kent Cricket League (N Keess), East Sussex Cricket League (D Bernard).
2. Minutes of A.G.M. held on 13th March 2012
On a proposal from D Perrin, seconded by R McLeod, the minutes were approved nem con.
3. Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)
4. Annual Report
Presented at the meeting by A Langley (& on the CCC website). On a proposal from P Hooper, seconded by G Jackson, the Annual Report was adopted.
5. Financial Report & Accounts for the year ending 31st October 2012
S Wright presented, noting a significant deficient. There was discussion on the report, and future income / funding. On a proposal by G Jackson, seconded by R Book, the Treasurer’s Report and Annual Accounts were adopted.
6. To consider and, if thought fit, to approve the following resolution:-
‘That the following additional Rule be inserted in the Club Cricket Conference
Rules as Rule 25’:-
25.1 If the Council shall resolve that it is appropriate to do so it shall convene a General Meeting of the Conference to consider the winding-up and dissolution of the Conference.
25.2 If at a General Meeting a quorum is not present within one hour of the time appointed, the meeting shall stand adjourned to the same day the following week at the same time and place. If at the adjourned meeting a quorum is not present within one hour of the time appointed for the meeting the members present shall constitute a quorum.
25.3 If the General Meeting referred to in Article 25.1 shall resolve that the Conference shall be wound up or if the Conference is otherwise dissolved and after all of its debts and liabilities have been satisfied there remains any property or assets these shall not be paid or distributed amongst the members but shall be applied in one or more of the following ways:-
25.3.1 transferred to another body established for the purposes the same as or similar to or falling within the objects of the Conference; or
25.3.2 in such other manner consistent with the objects of the Conference as the England and Wales Cricket Board shall approve in writing in advance.
P George explained the requirement of this resolution, should the meeting wish to consider Agenda item 7.
On a proposal from R McLeod, seconded by R Headley, the resolution was unanimously agreed.
7. To consider and, if thought fit, to approve the following resolution:-
‘That the Club Cricket Conference shall be wound up forthwith and that all remaining property and assets shall be transferred together with any debts and liabilities to Club Cricket Conference Limited.’
(A Langley had previously informed the members of Club Cricket Conference the reasons for this resolution)
On a proposal from R Headley, seconded by P Browne, the resolution was unanimously agreed. [Club Cricket Conference Limited was thereby formed]
8. To elect a Chairman for 2013/4
(S Wright took the Chair of the meeting) On a proposal from S Wright, seconded by B Bigmore, A Langley was as elected Chairman for 2013/4 nem con. (A Langley resumed the Chair).
9. To elect a Company Secretary for 2013/4
On a proposal from A Langley, seconded by R Book, S Prodger was unanimously elected as Company Secretary for 2013/4.
10. To elect a Treasurer for 201/4
On a proposal from A Langley, seconded by B Bigmore, S Wright was unanimously elected as Treasurer for 2013/4.
11. To elect six Board Members for 2013/4
On a proposal from A Langley, seconded by D Perrin; B Bigmore, R Book, P Browne, K Hopley, J Poore, and C Puckett were elected en bloc.
12. To elect a President for 2013/4
On a proposal by R Arnold, seconded by S Prodger, S York was unanimously elected as President for 2013/4. A Langley extended thanks to Roy Arnold for his year as President. Roy Arnold wished Stuart York a successful year for his Presidency.
13. To appoint Reporting Accountants for 2013
On a proposal from S Wright, seconded by R Book, Blue Spire South LLP of Cawley Priory, South Pallant, Chichester, PO14 1SY, were unanimously elected as Reporting Accountants for 2013.
14. To receive and, if agreed, adopt the Inclusion and Diversity Policy
(The Policy had been previously presented to members via the Notice of AGM)
On a proposal from R Book , seconded by G Jackson, the Inclusion and Diversiy Policy was unanimously agreed.
15. To consider Any Other Business
i) S Prodger reviewed the CCC Cricket Diary for 2013, noting that our Representative team will play matches against three County 2nd XI’s, and both our U-25 and Women’s team have an extended programme of matches. End of Season tours were being planned to Italy (for the Representative side), and to Jersey (for the U-25 side). A Langley and P Browne congratulated the Tours & Representative Cricket Committee for their efforts.
ii) A Langley also thanked P George for his assistance in the formation of Club Cricket Conference Limited.
iii) G Jackson asked about the status of Regional Representatives of the former Club Cricket Conference. R Book explained that the Board of Directors of CCC Ltd will form various committees, and that invitations will be extended to interested former CCC Councillors. There would also be ‘new blood’ on these committees.
iv) P Hooper on behalf of the meeting expressed a vote of thanks to those who served on the CCC Board, and wished the new Board of Directors of CCC Ltd well. (applause)
There being no other business. the meeting closed at 7.45pm.